ABC of Builds – Key Stages of Any Build



redeighteen architects and redeighteen projects will guide you through the stages of your build from conception to reality. To better explain the stages of your build we have broken up the process into three main phases; Initial Consultations, Design Development, Construction Process.

Initial Consultations



To start the conversation, fill in our web enquiry form, and tell us a little about yourself and your project. If we think we can help we will send you some preliminary information and invite you to schedule a free, no obligation, telephone consultation. This scheduled consultation, of up to 30 minutes, is when we will be able to discuss our initial thoughts and answer your initial questions.

If all goes well but you’re not quite ready to appoint us as your architects we also offer a $750 plus GST ‘House Call’. This includes a visit to the site by one of our architects where we will be able to discuss the possibilities of your project in more detail. The cost of this consultation will be deducted from our first invoice if you choose to proceed with us.

Briefing your architect on what you want to get out of your project is an important step. We cannot properly help you realise your goal if we don’t understand exactly what that goal is. At this stage we will discuss your needs, wants, and ideas as well as your budget and time constraints.

Ready to engage us? Contact our team today. At this stage we present you with an Architects Agreement and negotiate the appropriate fee proposal for your project.

Site Analysis is a crucial stage where we investigate the council requirements, budget constraints, and site constraints on the project and how that affects the brief.

Design Development


Concept Design

Once we have established a brief for the project our team will explore the options of how that might work on your site. This is usually about laying out the rough special requirements you have on your site and how that is affected by site constraints.

Sketch Design

Sketch design begins to see the project as more of a building. This stage starts to include options in layouts, materials, circulation, and aesthetics. Regular consultations with clients provide valuable feedback to the redeighteen team during this process to ensure we are all working toward a common goal.

Design Development

The design option has been chosen and now it is time to refine it. This is where everything starts to gain more detail and is documented sufficiently to start getting some initial quotes from contractors.

Town Planning Approval

If your building is required to get a Planning Permit from your local council this is when we will do it. At redeighteen architects we endeavour create the best of opportunities within planning constraints and develop good working relationships with the councils we work with. This process can take time and may require revisions to meet council approval.


Thorough construction documentation is like a well written recipe. This is where the architect takes your design and translates that into a set of documents which a builder can then convert into the real thing. It is also an important part of accurate budget control. This can take a while but it is certainly worth getting right the first time.

 Construction Process



redeighteen architects have experience with a range of builders. We lend our expertise to find the best builder for the job. The builder becomes a part of our extended team for the duration of the project and we work closely with them to ensure the highest quality.

There are many different ways of appointing your builder and many different construction contract types. No matter which option you choose, at this stage we will be appointing a builder and obtaining a construction budget.

Building Approval

To ensure your building design meets all of the necessary National Construction Codes and Australian standards we appoint a building surveyor to approve the drawings and obtain a building permit from your local council.

Contract Administration

redeighteen architects and redeighteen projects are constantly checking and rechecking progress in the planning and construction phases of your project. During this phase we administer the construction contract and perform regular site visits, coordinating with the builder to create the best outcome.


Feedback from the architect to the builder is regularly issued throughout the build. At the end of a build, but before the contract is settled, we ensure the quality of your build by conducting site visits and issuing the builder with a defects report to be addressed before settling.


With the contract finalised you are now presented with the keys to your new place. Enjoy!