How We Do It

New to Architecture and Construction?

At redeighteen architects we understand that not everyone has experience dealing with architects or the construction process. We are here to help.

Engaging an architect and beginning the process of creating your own custom build can be a daunting task. Below we have outlined the Key Stages of Any Build from conceptual design to handing over the keys of your finished build.

Our initial discussions are often over the phone and establish the basics of the build you are considering. Following this quick “reality check” will be an obligation free meeting either at a location convenient to you. This meeting covers planning, design, budget and timescale, although budget and timescale can only be indicative at this stage. If there is a meeting of minds we will then begin to formalise the arrangement and start the key stages of your build.

We look forward to hearing your proposals and working with you to turn your built dream into stunning reality.

What Is An Architect And Why Do I Need One?

The term ‘architect’ is protected by law in Australia. An architect must be a person registered with their state Architecture Registration Board. The registration process ensures a standard of quality in education, experience, and insurance across the entire profession. To maintain registration in Victoria it is a requirement to stay up to date with current practice methods through continuing professional development such as that provided by the Australian Institute of Architects.

Read ‘Working with your Architect’ by the Architecture Registration Board of Victoria.

Read ‘What does an Architect do?’ by the New South Wales Architects Registration Board.

Visit the Architecture Institute of Australia website.

The Key Stages of Any Build

redeighteen architects and redeighteen projects will guide you through the stages of your build from conception to reality.

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Saving Time and Money with BIM

Here at redeighteen architects we are embracing the future. Part of that future is using Building Information Modelling (BIM) on all of our projects. Using BIM allows us to ‘build’ your design in 3D on the computer before it gets built. This means more thorough coordination of key consultants such as structural and mechanical. Better coordination helps to solve any issues that come up before the build has begun, saving you money.

See Your Design Before It’s Built

Agreeing to a design can be daunting for the first-time client, especially when you are not used to reading technical drawings. This is where redeighteen architects, in conjunction with our Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach, can help. Perspective images as well as video ‘walkthroughs’ can be arranged at any stage of your project.