Beat the Heat – Passive House Design



Tonight one of our team members attended one of the many educational talks hosted by the Australian Institute of Architects.


Passive House design principles originated in Germany as Passivhaus. The principles were developed to take standard energy efficiency and passive solar concepts and integrate them into one standard that also addressed user thermal comfort.


Utilising continuous insulation; passive solar window design, layout and shading; rigorous air tight construction and heat recovery systems, Passive House creates a building that has no drafts, minimal heating and cooling costs, and constantly fresh air.


The talk was hosted by representatives from the Australian Passive House Association ( This week alone three Australian houses have been registered as Passive House compliant.


So inspired by the possibilities of this construction our firm has made a commitment to further educate our clients and incorporate as many, if not all, principles in our upcoming designs as possible. As a part of the construction industry, one of the most contributing industries to greenhouse gasses, we take our commitment to reducing the impact on our environment seriously and invite our clients to join us.