Marketing Magic – Presentation Image Options



Agreeing to a design can be daunting for the first-time client, especially when you are not used to reading technical drawings. This is where redeighteen architects, in conjunction with our Building Information Modelling (BIM) approach, can help. Perspective images as well as video ‘walkthroughs’ can be arranged at any stage of your project.

Presentation images for display, for example, in the window of your business can be requested. These are particularly useful for businesses wanting to keep their patrons or their employees informed about any changes.

Have a look at some of our example images below. Line drawings and Shaded drawings are quickly produced and easily altered. Rendered drawings take a bit more time, and Enhanced drawings longer still. Rendered and Enhanced drawings can be updated but are more time intensive.

Talk to us at any stage of your design project to discuss presentation options.



Line Drawing


Shaded Drawing


Rendered Drawing


Enhanced Drawing