Our Top 5 Interior Newsletters



The team at redeighteen are always keeping our fingers on the pulse of design fashion. We attend industry events, conferences, local talks, and have frequent discussions with product representatives to stay up to date with what’s available. We love what we do but it is a full time commitment to stay informed and one of the easiest ways we do that is by being very selective about which email newsletters we subscribe to. We have narrowed down our Top 5 Interior Newsletters to help you get inspired for your next project.

1 – Coco Republic Design Field Notes – designfieldnotes.com

You can’t go wrong with Coco Republic. Their stylists are impeccable and the designs are always a timeless take on a current trend. This means you can follow their lead knowing you’ll still love your space in 5 years. With stores in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney they’re convenient and offer a range of services including interior decorating advice and design courses. If you like Coco Republic, check out their affiliated store, Max Sparrow – maxsparrow.com.au

2- Living Edge – livingedge.com.au/blog

Living Edge is another classic store in Australia who has their finger on the pulse of design. With stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, as well as online, this is one of the staples of cutting edge interiors.

3- Scarlet Opus – scarletopus.com/blog

If staying ahead of the crowd with trends is your goal check out Scarlet Opus. Scarlet Opus is a renowned  UK firm specialising in predicting future trends. They regularly update their blog with up and coming trends well before we see them fully realised in the stores.

4- Design Addicts – designaddicts.com.au/platform

This great website and newsletter is proudly Australian and stays at the forefront of what is happening around the world as well as at home.

5- The Cool Hunter – thecoolhunter.com.au

As the name suggests this website is dedicated to finding new and exciting designs, products, ideas and activities. For out of the box thinking this is the place to go.


Why do we want you looking at interior design? We understand that for many of our clients communicating the kind of space they want is difficult. Many architectural blogs will be showcase buildings with very little furniture which sometimes makes it difficult for people to envision actually using the space. Our solution? “A picture paints a thousand words” and there are many common variables between interior design and architecture. If you can find well furnished and decorated interiors you like we can start to extrapolate your style and your needs, translating them into a brief we both understand. Happy client, happy architect!

There are so many other great stores and newsletters out there but we think these ones are pretty great. If you think we’ve missed a great one let us know! – [email protected]